Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Finally made some time to scan the photos. Here's one of Michael, alone. You have to pay for the photos before you go to the visiting room and they won't make change so I ended up getting 7 photos since they're $3 a pop and all I had was a twenty and a one! Go here to see the younger Michael - about 27 years ago. All this time, in prison...

Michael and I, Marion Correctional Institution, 22 April 2010.

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  1. This is Rev Dan, I see Gemini, (Micheal) every Thursday at Prayer and Share. He is hanging in there as best as he can. He always has a kind word and a toothless grin to exchange with me before we sit in the same prayer and share group. My wife and I pray for him daily and beg God for the Justice that God knows Gemini deserves be swiftly done. He has suffered so much, but I am so proud of how he has grown and learned new ways to make decisions with the many tools that incarceration has given him.
    I am honored to call him friend. and Gemini usssssssssstaaaazeeewwwsskkkiii? I believe in you. Stay strong in the Lord and He will move you where He needs you to be to continue to do His work to further the Kingdom.