Monday, February 18, 2013

News Coverage

There is an article in the Toledo Blade about the upcoming parole hearing. If you are unable to view it because it prompts you to pay, try changing your settings to prohibit pop-up windows. On some computers it gets blocked; on others it can be read. Please be aware that this was a brief article, not full coverage of the case. As such, there is one major error and there are lots of missing details. I.e., Mr. Cordle was not staying at the Y of his own volition while his house was being worked on and, as for missing details, there were three wounds that were considered fatal; the coroner testified that neither of Mr. Ustaszewski's knives could have made these wounds; and so forth.

And, there is a blog post here that is a response to the above article.

Personally, what I found most shocking and disappointing is that a member of the bar referred to another human being as 'defective.' This from a man who, judging by his comments, has not done even the most basic review of the facts of the case, let alone read the transcripts. To refer to another human being as 'defective' is unprofessional, at best.

I do want to note that while I did contact the Blade in 2010, they weren't interested. This article was prompted by a call from someone else. As a result of that 'tip,' I was contacted.

Finally, the website will not be updated any time soon. Unfortunately the hosting company changed platforms and I am unable to edit the site. I have to completely rebuild it and that's not going to happen this week to be sure!

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