Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Been too long...

I realized as I typed, that the title has multiple meanings. It's been a while since I've posted and, if you look at the counter to the right, you'll see that Michael has been wrongfully incarcerated for far too long.

I just wanted to post a note saying that I spent about 4 hours today visiting with Michael. He was in better spirits than when I saw him last September. And, in January - when we did the video interview - he was nervous so I'm not really sure what, beyond that, he was feeling.

His next hearing for parole consideration is in October and he's anxious - in both a good way and not - about that. Other inmates are telling him that they "just have a feeling..." that he'll be granted parole. On the one hand, he needs to be positive and, as we discussed, needs to have a plan. On the other hand, I do have concerns about the "crash" that he will experience if he is, once again, denied.

We talked about what he will do during his first few days out. I was told to bring Epsom salts, rubbing alcohol, and bubble bath for his first soak in 35 years. He wants to get his driver's license. He'll need clothing. I was thinking that it's a lot like being born... at 53.

Well, I am trying to think about what he'll need to do to be prepared, but I, too, don't want to get my hopes up for him. The good news is that he'll have the decision about two months before he would actually be released.That's about it. Keep him in your thoughts!

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