Monday, March 28, 2011

Update, sort of...

As I mentioned below, I'm hesitant to post the specifics of any "accomplishments" regarding our attempts to locate fresh evidence. But, I do want to say - for those of you who check in here now and again - that, since my last post, we've had two major successes. We're two for four in those particular efforts and have a lead on one of the two remaining "goals."

Aside from that, I'll be traveling to Ohio next week to attend the 2011 Innocence Network Conference in Cincinnati. But, I'll be flying into Columbus and driving to Cincinnati so that I can detour through Marion and visit Michael on the 7th.

I'm also reading False Justice, by the former attorney general of Ohio, Jim Petro, and Nancy Petro. I guess they'll be at the conference doing a signing. I've written to Mr. Petro - alas, I've not heard back. I can only imagine the letters he and his co-author/wife receive...

That's about it for now. Keep your fingers crossed for another "win."

Update: I had the privilege of meeting Jim and Nancy Petro at the conference. They were both very nice and, of course, saddened by Michael's story.

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