Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 2010

It has been brought to my attention that some folks who have accessed this blog have had trouble following it. The reason it is not in "perfect" chronological order is because I have written as I have gathered info, had ideas, etc. But, the best way - for those who want to know as much as possible about Michael's case - is to use the Blog Archive to the right.

Click on 2009. Then click on November. Then, start with the lowest posting (i.e., Degrees of Separation). From there, work your way toward the present. I.e., then December 2009, then January 2010. And, again, within each month, start at the bottom, reading the lowest post first and work your way up.

This is not a "web site," but a blog. It is a free way of sharing this information. I cannot afford to maintain a "real" website about Michael's case so this is the next best thing.

I should add that the case history is confusing. I've read, and re-read, the transcripts, the police file, Michael's letters, etc. and I still get confused! So, if you're confused, you're not alone.

I have been asked about how people can help. Those of you in Ohio can help by writing to people in the state legislature or to newspapers. I have written to state legislators in Districts 46 (Sears), 47 (Walter), 48 (Brown), and 49 (Szollosi) as well as State Senator (District 2) Wagoner. I have also written to Rose Russell, a reporter at the Toledo Blade. Not that it's a real surprise, but none of these individuals has extended me the courtesy of a reply.

The biggest help of all, of course, would be fundraising. Through the generosity of one donor I was able to hire a private investigator to start working on the case. But, at $75/hour, money goes fast. He has developed some good leads, but I don't want to post those publicly, at least not just yet. Michael knows what is being done. If you have any way of raising funds or can make even a small donation yourself, please use the FundBunch link on the right of this page. Every little bit helps!

Again, if you can't help financially, please consider helping by spreading the word. It only takes one interested person in the "right" place to get the ball rolling!

That's it for now. If you have questions, feel free to contact me directly at msheridaneh@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!

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