Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Degrees of Separation

March 1976, Adele Nicole Solomon, murdered.
White, female, 21.
One man convicted of burglary; acquitted of murder and assault.
He later died in prison.
Nicki lived in the building behind me in Washington, DC.
We both attended The George Washington University.

August 1977, Henry B. Cordle, murdered.
White, male, 74.
Two men were convicted and sentenced to life.
As of this writing, they both remain incarcerated.
I didn't know Henry.
My parents knew one of the accused, Michael Wayne Ustaszewski.

October 1980, Susan Elaine Miller, murdered.
White, female, 33.
One man sentenced to life, paroled in 1995.
Served just under 15 years.
Susan was someone I knew when I was in the Army.

It is my personal connection to each of these three cases, and the different outcomes of the cases, that compelled me to start considering Michael's assertion of actual innocence.

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